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We have spoken with many people over the years who have said that they would love to do what we did and relocate to Spain but don’t end up doing it … that they would love to be brave enough to relocate, but they feel they never could. We get it, we have been there…read our story here

Now of course, I’m not telling you to simply delve into the deep end and jet off without doing any planning. Rather, we encourage you to do your due diligence (correct visas, required money, perfect city choice, etc). And here’s we we come in:

Our mission is to help you as you embark on your journey to purchasing a property in the Costa Del Sol! We are here to hold your hand through this process and act as your personal support as you embark on your exciting relocation. Our service is to inform, educate and prepare you for this big move. Read on to understand what you can expect from us.

What you can expect from us

Understanding Your Needs

We work tirelessly to make sure that we fully understand your individual needs, property preferences, ultimate goals, budget and overall buying timeline to ensure that we are the right agent to support you.
If you are not in Spain when you are searching for the ideal property, then it is not a problem. We can meet via telephone or video conference with you to ensure that our property relationship starts on the right foot.

Filtering and shortlisting

Together, we will shortlist the properties that we have found and arrange an appropriate time between you and the seller for you to be able to visit.
If, for any reason, you are unable to visit in person, such as not residing in Spain, we provide videos of all our properties. If you are particularly interested in one property then we can arrange a video conference to walk through the property with you.

Offer & Negotiation

Once you decide on the ideal property, we will present the offer and negotiate with the seller to get the best deal for you.

Legal Support

We pair you with an excellent legal team who will give you all the legal support and advice throughout your property journey.

After Sales Service

We provide the best after sales service available in the local area. We work hard to ensure that even after the legal paperwork is complete, we are on hand to guide you with any additional support you need from us.
Our local network is expansive and well vetted by us. We can connect you with the best professionals in the area for all your needs; form building, refurbs, school registration support.

Start your journey

For years, WL Costa Properties has been working as one of the top real estate agents in Benalmadena and on that journey we have facilitated countless property transactions and fulfilled the dreams of multiple clients by helping them to find their dream property. Our mission is to help you as you embark on your journey to purchasing a property in the Costa Del Sol!

We are so passionate about providing you the support we wished we had access to when we completed our big move to the sun…

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