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Are you dreaming of your perfect Costa del Sol home and wondering where to start?

Hi! We are Warner and Sandra, and 8 years ago we relocated ourselves to call Benalmadena, Spain our home and started a new life over here with our two young children.

We had enough of the 14 hour working days and our kids being raised in a creche. So we packed our bags, left the grey skies of Ireland and followed a deep-rooted dream to own our piece of paradise in the sun and live an outdoor Mediterranean lifestyle as a family.

Many thought we were mad! We left with very little money in our pocket and no plans of turning back. Failure was not an option for us, so we threw everything into making our dream not just a reality, but a resounding success.

Spain has drawn us for many years; the gorgeous food, the culture, the cost of living, the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle, the family-centric focus. We knew without a doubt that this was the perfect place to raise our young family.

Live the dream

Now we operate an established real estate agency WL Costa Properties and we want to help you with what’s needed to buy a property here in Spain and live the life you dream and show you its also available for you.

Our business was born from our own lived experience, from the services, advise and support we wished was available when we commenced our relocation journey.

We know exactly what it feels like to be drowning in information overload, not sure where to begin searching, not sure who to trust…its daunting! The big brands seem far out of reach for you and you seek familiarity to get you off to the best start. We know the struggle first-hand and have helped many people since to navigate this challenge too.

Information is your power

We believe that information is your power; we have seen time and time again the pitfalls buyers fall into when they don’t have the right information at their fingertips.

Our purpose is to ensure your big dream happens is the smoothest way possible…No horror stories for you!

We’re not just about market trends – we’re about sharing real-life experiences. We’re here to help you sift through the chaos and guide you from A to Z in your Spanish home adventure.

Start your own Spanish adventure

We promise a blend of humour, fun, and valuable information.

Our experience and cultural discoveries will have you laughing, learning, and itching to start your own Spanish adventure!

So, if you’re dreaming of your perfect Costa del Sol home, wondering where to start, and want to get real, no frills, expert advice – your in the right place.

We’ve facilitated countless customers with:

  • relocations
  • investments
  • a combination of both here in the Costa Del Sol
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